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The Timber Creek News
Spring Edition 2018 Season 20 No. 1



If you are considering adding a solid type screen room to your unit, the only rooms allowed are

Dura-Bilt and sold by Timber Creek.  Stop by the office or call to have Bob Jr. come to your site to discuss, measure and price out a roof and/or room.



We are now taking reservations for the guest site Roman Numeral Ten in the safari field.  This is for friends and/or family of site holders only.  The cost is $55 per night.  There is a minimum of 7 nights stay and we give you the 7th night free.  Non- holiday weekends in May, September and October we will consider a shorter stay.  Please call the office to book this site for your guests.



All boats, trailers and campers must have a designated numbered space and be registered at the office as well as have a Timber Creek sticker on the unit being stored.  Liability insurance is required. Storage fee for boats and campers is $50 per month with boat trailers being stored at no charge.



As with every Spring units should be pressure washed and sites cleaned up. We have noticed a lot of units with green moss showing especially on the north side of the unit.  These units need to be scrubbed or pressure washed. 


SEASONAL PUMPOUTS (non-sewered sites)

The cost for seasonal pump outs is $350.  This service will no longer be an automatic pump.  The office must be notified if you need to be pumped out each week. This will be very helpful to us as many sign up for this service. Many people who signed up for this service last season were not in the park every week and there was nothing to be pumped out.  This will be very helpful keeping costs down.



The fee for the adult seasonal guest pass is $175 this season. The seasonal guest pass is site specific and requires a $25 nonrefundable additional windshield





sticker for those wishing to bring their vehicle into the park.



For those site holders who have children 18 years and older please be aware that they need to pay the

visitors fees. The seasonal site fee is for 2 adults and 2 children 17 and younger. 



Included in this mailing please find the activities list for this season.  We are including new and exciting events for you to enjoy.  Events will be posted on our website and details of each event can be found on the bulletin boards located within the park and on the electronic bulletin board.


HAYRIDES   Begin Saturday, May 26th 4:00 p.m.

And every Saturday through Labor Day Weekend


On May 5, 2018 at 8 a.m.Timber Creek’s Cox Representative Daniel Torres will be here along with his team to sign you up for tv, internet and/or telephone.  There will be service crew on the property as well to get your service started immediately.


Daniel Torres will also be here on Tuesday, May 1 to assist you with your Cox service.


For those who would like to get their Cox service setup immediately, please call or text Dan Torres at 401-680-2389 or email Daniel.Torres2@cox.com or Ricky Gonzalez at 401-408-1646 by text or phone or email Elys.Gonzalez@cox.com  to set up an appointment.  Cox will be allowed into the park beginning on April 23, 2018 for your service needs.

Make sure you sign up with Dan or Ricky to be entered to win prizes that Cox is giving in honor of Timber Creek’s 20th Anniversary.



For the month of May and June the office will close Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from           12:30 – 1:15 p.m.  Please schedule deliveries and appointments accordingly.



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