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The Timber Creek News
Spring Edition 2017 Season 19 No. 1

 Welcome everyone to the 2017 season at Timber Creek! This begins our 19th season. We are looking forward to seeing familiar faces and new faces.


The park opens on Monday, May 1, 2017.  You may come down the weekend of April 29 and 30 for yard cleanup and to open up your unit.  This would just be for the day as no overnight stays until May 1. 


There have been a lot of inquiries regarding when you can stay overnight.  The first overnight will be on May 1st.  The gate will not be operating until 7 am on Monday, May 1.


To our safari field site holders your season begins on Friday, May 26, 2017.  If you would like to bring your unit down prior to the season, you may do so any time in May.  Preparations for your site may also be done in May but no overnight stays until May 26. 


Anyone bringing in a new unit or having one delivered, please call the office to set up a delivery date. 


Please find enclosed your final invoice which is due on or before May 1, 2017.  Also at this time please have all your insurance (units and golf carts) as well as rabies and license plate numbers up to date and on file in the office. If you are missing information on your lease, there will be a letter enclosed letting you know what information needs to be supplied.

We must have a current rabies certificate on file in the office prior to a site holder bringing their dog into the park.  For anyone with a cat we do require a rabies certificate for them as well.



We will be installing a new gate system this spring.  It is very similar to Ez-pass.  You will be assigned a reader for each vehicle that goes on your windshield.  As you drive up to the gate it will activate and open the gate without you having to roll down your window and insert your card like


you’ve done in the past.  This will give increased reliability and avoid foul weather.

The reader detects who is coming and going fed through a central computer that allows us to know who is in the park at any given time.  This also controls limiting your site to two cars at once when one leaves through the gate it will automatically update the system allowing you to return or allowing another car that you have a reader for go in.  If there are two cars on the site already it will not open for the 3rd vehicle.

Your current cards must be turned in and you’ll receive credit for these cards.  The new system is a little more costly and there will be an upcharge for the new tag.

You will be notified when this system is in place and when you need to make the change over with the cards.  When this system is activated it will no longer accept the gate cards and anyone coming in for the first time, Florida residents, etc. will have to come in during office hours to get the system updated. 

We are trying to get the new system up and going as soon as possible but at this point it may be the very beginning of the season.




Dave from Dave’s RV will once again be available to service and open up your units for the season. 

The cost is the same as the last four years at $35.  Please call Dave to schedule an appointment at





Please let the office know if you are interested in purchasing a shed offered by us and built by the Amish.  There are two options and both are 6’ x 8’ which is the maximum size allowed.  The Quaker style is priced at $1565 and the Mini Barn is $1439 plus 7% sales tax.  This price includes delivery and set on blocks on your site. We need 7 sheds to place an order.


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